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Forty Below K2 Superlight Overboots
Forty Below K2 Superlight Overboots

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Overboot Size:



Key Features:

  • Fits over double shelled mountaineering boots.
  • Also fits over single mountain boots.
  • Stretchy and easy to put on in the cold.
  • Fit with a wide range of crampon styles.
  • Neoprene insulation around foot, breathable gaiter upper.
  • Easy to repair.

The Forty Below® K2 Superlight™ overboot is a great choice for extreme cold climbs. A favorite insulated boot cover that has been used for many years on Denali, Himalayas, and Polar expeditions. The unique design allows it to be used with a wide range of “step-in”, “new-matic”, and “strap-on” style crampon bindings, plus “wire toe bail style” ski mountaineering bindings. *Note* The Mountaineer advises AGAINST the use of "wire toe bail" style crampons with any overboot as they are difficult to manipulate in cold weather at altitude.

Patterned to fit both double shelled and single style mountaineering boots. In addition to being used with double shelled boots for high altitude and cold weather climbs, they can also be fitted to leather climbing boots to help extend their temperature use range.

The Forty Below® K2 Superlight™ uses a special nylon covered, 4.7 mm stretchy closed cell neoprene foam insulation, with 2 layers of heat reflecting Titanium. This insulation goes from about the top of your climbing boot, completely around and under the boot, with no gaps in the insulation. The insulation panels are glued together and also stitched on the inside and outside surface, with no sewn through seams. They fit trim to the boot, and are not bulky. Because of the stretchy insulation material they are easy to put on in the cold, and they roll up small in your pack.

The toe and heel area have small triangular shape panels made of a slightly thinner neoprene insulation that allows for many wire toe bails and flip lever heels to simply compress the insulation and rest on the toe and heel groove of the boot. The toe, heel, and lower side area of the overboots have a thin rubber paint applied to add abrasion resistance and help protect the stitching. A 2 inch wide heavy duty velcro front closure goes all the way down to the toes for easy adjustment of laces. The upper gaiter goes up to just below the knee, and is made of a non-coated, windproof and breathable Cordura nylon to help minimize frost build up. Elastic drawcord top closure, with a cordlock on top of the gaiter. A special smooth nylon crampon patch is glued and stitched to the instep side of the neoprene for added resistance to crampon pokes, etc.

One of the great features of Forty Below® overboots is that they are easy to repair! This is especially helpful, as crampons and rugged terrain are so hard on everything they come in contact with. Repairing is easily done by simply gluing the poke holes together, using glues such as those for repairing neoprene fishing waders or wetsuits, like AquaSeal from McNett, etc. For the fabric gaiter repairs, the iron-on style fabric patches work well and are really easy to put on, and can in many cases eliminate the need to sew patches on. For repairs on the mountain, use the Forty Below® Repair Patches, which are a special sticky and stretchy tape that work great for repairs during a trip (one is included with the overboot).

Sizing chart: (measure boot sole length)(inches/centimeters)
  • XS - 10.0 - 11.0"/25.5-28.0cm
  • S - 10.75 - 11.75"/27.0-30.0cm
  • M - 11.50 - 12.75"/29.0-32.0cm
  • L - 12.25 - 13.0"/31.0-33.0cm
  • XL - 12.75 - 13.5"/32.5-34.5cm
  • XXL - 13.5 - 14.5"/34.0-37.0cm
  • XXXL - 14.0 - 16.0"/37.0-42.0

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