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Grivel X Monster Blade Adze
Grivel X Monster Blade Adze

Our Price: $59.95

Replacement adze (shovel) for the tools that use the X
Monster pick: X Monster, Matrix Tech, Matrix Light, Quantum
Tech, Quantum Light, etc. Comes with
replacement bolts because you'll destroy your current bolts
when you remove your existing blade (see below).

Installation: You'll need a 3mm hex key, 8mm wrench and a
file or ideally a grinder in order to remove the bolts on your
current tool. If you're removing the original blade one of
the bolts is clinched--file off the end of this bolt in
order to unscrew it with the allen wrench. It is often
impossible to actually unscrew the bolts once they've
been installed and used a few times, so you'll probably
have to file or grind the bolt head until you can remove
it with the nut still attached.

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